One of the major concerns of students who are preparing for an exchange is finding accommodation in their host city. How easy it is to find accommodation at a reasonable price will depend on your destination. Some partner universities have a campus and may offer you accommodation but this is far from the norm in the majority of cases.


Whatever the circumstances, it is worth finding out about the state of the local housing market and its conditions, well in advance. Follow the advice from your host university carefully and don’t hesitate to contact the relevant department for help, once the university concerned has confirmed your enrolment.


We recommend you to use the website, which lists over a million accommodation offers in 25 countries, to help you find somewhere to live. The accommodation offered is mainly in student halls managed by private firms.


Finally, we recommend that you attend the UNIL ambassadors’ evening which takes place in May every year, mainly to make contact with former students who have taken part in an exchange and can offer you plenty of practical advice such as the areas of your host city to focus on, the average price of an accommodation, a local search platform for accomodations, and much more.

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