Other sources


Swiss Network for International Studies - SNIS

SNIS invites academic researchers active in international studies to submit project proposals. The winners of the highly competitive call can receive funding up to 300'000.- CHF for a maximum period of two years. 

International Clubs

Clubs such as Rotary, BPW or Lions provide financial support to young people either directly through their clubs or through their related foundations.

Agence universitaire de la francophonie - AUF

The AUF operates on the international scene from its head office and central services located in Montreal and Paris. It has 70 institutions in 40 countries.

Since 1989, this association of universities operates in the francophone regions. It regroups partner institutions who have chosen French as a teaching laguage. It proposes several cooperation programmes including research and education in French.

Flying compagnies

Some airlines offer flights for young scientists who wish to travel to symposia in the country of the airline. The links change regularly within their web pages, but by searching in google for instance: "grant delta airline" etc., you end up finding the link...



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