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Jet Service CSP Vaud

Jet Service is a service offering free and confidential advice to young people aged 16 to 25 and anyone studying, with the aim of helping them and answering their questions in the following areas:

  • Study grants (obtaining, explaining, contesting)
  • Maintenance
  • Budget
  • Financial problems, debts
  • Leaving home, family problems
  • Employment law
  • Problems with the courts
  • Access to benefits
  • Other legal issues: social insurance, housing, contracts, etc.

Consultations take the form of two people working in tandem, one specialising in social issues, the other in legal issues.

For more information, visit the Jet Service website


La Fraternité CSP Vaud

The Fraternité of CSP Vaud is dedicated to any foreign or Swiss person looking for information on migration issues such as:

  • Information on arriving in Switzerland
  • Laws and legal texts
  • Administration
  • Official correspondence
  • Social insurance
  • Status, residence permits: conversion, renewal
  • Marriage, family reunification
  • Undocumented migrants

You can benefit from this help:

  • During Info-Conseil Migration sessions, which are group sessions, with no appointment necessary
  • During individual consultations by appointment, if specific steps need to be taken

For more information, visit the Fraternité website.


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